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Third Boston Calling Festival Scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend 2014


With a second successful music festival notched on the bedpost, Boston Calling organizers revealed a third event is already on the books for next Memorial Day weekend, May 24 and 25, 2014. The lineup is not yet announced, but this summer’s past shows featured indie rock and electronica with a few slots for locally prominent acts. The festivals were anchored by headliners such as Passion Pit, fun., Vampire Weekend and The National.

We’re big fans of Boston Calling’s and Crash Line Production’s musical tastes, as well as anything that creatively uses Government Center’s urban hellscape.

For people who enjoy planning things nine months in advance that aren’t weddings or babies, limited $75 weekend passes will be on sale tomorrow only, September 12 at 10:00 a.m. via Boston Calling.

Downtown, We Love Music

Boston Calling Turns it Up for Round 2

City Hall Plaza Layout for Boston Calling II, Sept. 7-8, 2013

Crash Line Productions is back with a second Boston Calling, and we couldn’t be more excited. There is another tremendous lineup, including Kendrick Lamar, You Won’t, Okkervil River, Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit. We Love Beantown will run a preview of the acts to catch, as well as reporting from the festival.

We like to explore how the festival uses City Hall Plaza, and how it has changed since May’s first event. We got the skinny from Mike Snow, co-founder of Crash Line, which produces Boston Calling. Check out the festival map above and you’ll see the short answer: it’s changed a lot.

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Downtown, We Love Music

Boston Calling, Crash Line Answers

Crash Line Productions co-founders Brian Appel and Mike Snow learned a lot from their time at Boston Phoenix and the late, great WFNX.

They learned to partner with the best concert promoters. They learned how to excite a crowd. And, crucially for Boston, they learned how to partner with City Hall to get things done.

City Hall Plaza has seen concerts before. So has Boston Common, the Esplanade and Copley Square. But the scope of Crash Line’s Boston Calling festival is bigger and it’s impact more significant. I spoke with Brian Appel, co-founder of Crash Line, to hear what it takes to make Boston rock.

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Downtown, Photo of the Week

Photo Quiz: Meet City Hall

Spoiler alert! Yesterday we had a little quiz on Photo of the Week, where we asked you to guess what building was featured in the cropped photo.

And yes, if you guessed “City Hall”, you’re on the Price is Right! Errr…okay, not really, but still: yay!

How many of you walk by this notoriously horrific-looking slab everyday? Or pop out of the T at Government Center and are blinded by its “beauty?”

I checked in with Alexandra Dupnik, who took this week’s photo to give us her expert opinion on City Hall, known for its brutalist design.

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