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Opening Number: Three

The Parmesan Harpoon Pretzel

So, you’ve been to the Harpoon Beer Hall. You’ve had their pretzels – the savory, with some IPA Cheese; the sweet, cinnamon with the magical maple syrup cream cheese.

What if I told you there was a third kind. Maybe not written on the menu. Look, if the savory and the sweet are like parts one and two, this third one is like the Return of the Jedi of pretzels.

Go, go ye to the brew hall. Order the parmesan pretzel. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.


We Love Food

A Bacon and Beer Bonanza in Boston


The first week of May promises to be the crispiest and foamiest of the year as Eat Boston presents The 2013 Boston Bacon and Beer Festival. 

On May 4th, offerings of bacon and beer from beloved area institutions like Tremont 467, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Union Bar and Grille, Sam Adams, Harpoon, and more will be yours for the sampling. $43 gets you entrance to the venue (House of Blues), some delicious pork, and suds to wash it down. Most importantly, proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls and Community Servings, two Boston-based non-profits whose mission is getting food to those in need.

Do yourself a favor – sign up for Eat Boston’s e-mail list right now. While tickets go on sale to the public April 5th, they’ll be made available to listserv members a full day earlier (April 4th @ 10 AM). I hear tickets will be selling like hotcakes, so get ’em early.

Other events include “Bacon de Mayo: a Bacon and Beer Karaoke Harbor Cruise Brunch” (how did they jam so many amazing things into one title?) on May 5th, as well as a food-themed art show hosted at Stoddard’s Food and Ale on May 7th.

Check out the 2013 Boston Beer and Bacon Festival event page for a list of all participating restaurants and breweries. Also, take a gander at their amazing merch and do your best to not purchase three of everything.

Hope you enjoy the best breakfast meats and brews that Beantown has to offer. To quote one of the Festival’s t-shirts: “Beer Eyes, Full Plates, Can’t Lose.”

Jamaica Plain, Southie, We Love Drinks

Two Breweries, One Day: Pulling Off the Sam Adams/Harpoon Double

Officially, the Harpoon Brewery in Southie and the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain are separated by 5.3 miles of I-93 and Roxbury back roads. It shouldn’t be hard to take a visit to the city’s “mainstream” “craft” (technically accurate) breweries, and if all you want to do is stand outside the two active brew houses, it can be done. But who goes to Breweries to look through the factory windows? You go for the beer tastings and the bad jokes from tour guides while they entertain you in between samples.

What if you want to add this so called challenge of “beer” to the Brewery double? Can it be done? There are limitations at hand such as the hours of operations for the two locations and fighting for tickets on the tours with out-of-towners and other locals. To figure it out, we sought to put the best and brightest of WLBT on it (and when they weren’t available, it got assigned to me).

We had our strategy session, we mapped out the options and we devised a way to pull it off. Here are our best laid plans to make the best of both brewing worlds.

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