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Soviet Map of Boston Gives Us the Warm & Fuzzies for Sochi


Get in the Olympic spirit with this 1965 map of New England, courtesy of the USSR. We ran it by WLBT’s Slavic Correspondent friend that speaks Russian and there isn’t much nefarious to report: no spies, no cipher. For once, context is slight: we haven’t come across its origins and the Reddit thread from which it sprung makes fun of Cyrillic transliteration of “Worcester” and other towns, but has no link to the origins. Regardless, it does seem silly to map so much ocean when a sailor would likely use much more detailed navigation charts. Noticeably prominent are the airports large and small. There is a little corner of Nova Scotia on the extreme top right of the map, literally translated as “New Scotland” in Russian.

Ht to Reddit u/0utlander

Quickly Around Town

Nika: The Victory Storm

The impending winter storm due to hit Wednesday morning’s commute is named “Nika.” It is a Greek word for “victory” or “conquer.” Let’s hope it does neither to the stout citizens of the Commonwealth.

It also brings to mind the Nika Revolt, the insanely serious riot between Constantinople’s racing fans in 532. Yes, there were chariot hooligans in the late Roman empire, and they were so powerful they rioted when the Emperor Justinian did not appease pardons for faction members and other political favors.

The Nika Revolt was one of the worst riots in all of history. While you are snowed in persevere against the elements, get your learnin’ on by going right to Procopius, or, for those less interested in sixth century historians, just watch the damn History Channel special.

Paul Freedman’s Yale course on the history of the Middle Ages is also great.

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Boston Building Babble: Quincy Market

This week in Boston Building Babble we take you back, 119 years back, to 1894 when the City of Boston was growing, both in land mass and in commercial value.

Quincy market is more than just tourist destination to simultaneously eat sushi, clam chowder, ribs, smoothies, and fish and chips… it is filled with years of history, architecture, and yes, food.

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Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: May 29, 2013

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An ode to ponchos.

People have been proudly rocking ponchos for hundreds of years. Granted, it’s been pretty much a South American thing historically – until Disney World. But with New England weather being what it is, Boston is for sure no stranger to this versatile garment.

It doesn’t get much easier than a piece of fabric with a cut-out for your head and a hood. You can make them out of pretty much anything – the city’s many runners will attest to how a garbage bag poncho can keep you dry before a rainy race. And no matter how techy, Gore-Tex-amazing your rain jacket is, I’m guessing you can’t fit it in a clutch, right ladies? Not a problem with a brand-new poncho!

This past weekend, a stacked one with Memorial Day, Boston Calling, the Run to Remember, and “To Boston With Love” at the MFA, also passed on a side of nasty weather on the East Coast. We saw upstate New York get three feet of snow, and parts of Vermont get 13 inches. And, Bostonians felt their fair share of Mother Nature’s wrath too – case in point the folks in this photo, which inspired the reflection on the often underrated awesomeness of ponchos.

We know that the all-knowing weather people are predicting 90 plus temperatures for the next few days, but the next time it gets rainy out (maybe in the next five minutes), throw on a poncho and go frolick and puddle jump your face off.

Take photos and share so that we can show that not only is the poncho extremely functional and efficient attire, but fashionable as well! And we know how good Boston is at that, right GQ?