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Song of the Day: “The Hockey Song”

Bobby flies too...

What am I supposed to write that you haven’t read elsewhere, or, hopefully had the pleasure of watching last night? Patrice Bergeron and late-game momentum: even as a Buffalo Sabres fan, I have to show respect. Stompin’ Tom Connors knows what’s up, even though he was a Leafs fan.

“The puck is in, the home team wins at the good ole’ hockey game.”

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Meet Two-Time Stanley Cup Champion Derek Sanderson of the Boston Bruins

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Head over to the BPL at 6:00pm tonight to meet Derek Sanderson, the author of Crossing the Line: The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original.

Derek Sanderson was a key player with the “Big Bad Bruins” in the 1970s. Sanderson won two Stanley Cups with the Bruins and assisted Bobby Orr’ s famous diving goal in 1970.

In his autobiography, Sanderson holds nothing back.  He reveals how life in the fast lane can quickly spiral out of control. Sanderson describes his crazy partying days as a player and how he found the courage to fight his way back to the top. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people about the dangers of his former lifestyle and now helps young athletes and others to avoid the pitfalls of instant fame.

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Bruins Season Ticket Holders Still Locked Out

75 days into the NHL Lockout and it’s starting to look grim.

“We the season ticket holders are like children in a bad marriage, except that mom and dad are fighting over money I gave them,” said Peter Winson, season ticket holder 1998-2001 and 2006-current.

The odds of there even being a season are dwindling as I type. The Winter Classic has been canceled. Now people in Ann Arbor can’t sit outside this Winter to watch hockey. This is leaving Bruins season ticket holders without money and without tickets.

“As the days have rolled into months it continues to be evident that neither side, but particularly the owners, have any true respect or concern for the fans of the game. As a result it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the level of passion I once held for the game. That said, once they sign a deal I will be right back like a junkie on smack,” said Keith Falce, season ticket holder 1999-current.

The owners and players seem to be at a stalemate.  Some ticket holders are more hopeful than others about there being any hope of a season at all. One thing they seem to agree on is that ticket holders want a resolution soon.

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Despite The Lockout, Bruins Fans Continue To Be Bruins Fans

The hockey season was supposed to begin last night.

The players and owners are still in disagreement, though, and thus the lockout continues. That means players aren’t playing for the Bruins, the Garden is not open on nights that have been previously booked and tons of season ticket holders have lots of unexpected free time on their hands. Continue reading