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Lessons From Ben Folds Five on Concert Etiquette and Situational Standing

As far as bands go, Ben Folds Five is a group that rocked this piano player’s world at age 12, and has continued to do so until now (age 29). Sadly, prior to their breakup in 2000, I never got to see them perform live. For the last 12 years of my life, I basically assumed it would never happen. I saw Ben Folds perform solo a number of times, all great shows, but I never got that Five fix I so desperately wanted.

Finally, early this year, reports surfaced they had reconvened in the studio, and then came the official announcement – a new album and a tour. I pledged my money to their PledgeMusic campaign (signed vinyl album on its way as we speak!) and geeked out as I saw their first tour date would be in Holyoke, MA. I called the box office the morning tickets were released and secured front row seats for myself, my buddy Dan, and some slacker named Jarret Izzo. Everything was in place. Continue reading