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Hubway Branding Battles: New Balance on One Side, Cambridge on the Other

Since the debut of Hubway last year, the Back Bay, Kenmore and South End have been filled with bikes and bike racks. The familiar light grey frame, large obscurely shaped basket and very conspicuous placement of the New Balance logo make the bikes incredibly recognizable, and they use other marketing techniques as physical products, such as bag totes from 4allpromos  to promote their brand.

Getting home last night, something caught my eye: depending on your point of origin, Hubway, that New Balance logo seems to be getting its fair share of logo creep. Some bikes have additional logos for Boston Children’s Hospital. Yet the one that stood out most of all?

An ad-free, city-branded version for Cambridge.

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Hubway Comes to Inman and I’m Not Happy

Boston is a city that embraces cyclists.

And I am proud to live in a city like that.

But there is a point where I draw the line. Last week I wandered through the park that is the center of Inman Square, the neighborhood that I live and have grown to love in the last couple of years and I saw what I considered an abomination. Hubway, the bike-sharing program (more info here) that Boston has embraced, was setting up a station in the middle of Inman.

And I wept a little inside.

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