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Soviet Map of Boston Gives Us the Warm & Fuzzies for Sochi


Get in the Olympic spirit with this 1965 map of New England, courtesy of the USSR. We ran it by WLBT’s Slavic Correspondent friend that speaks Russian and there isn’t much nefarious to report: no spies, no cipher. For once, context is slight: we haven’t come across its origins and the Reddit thread from which it sprung makes fun of Cyrillic transliteration of “Worcester” and other towns, but has no link to the origins. Regardless, it does seem silly to map so much ocean when a sailor would likely use much more detailed navigation charts. Noticeably prominent are the airports large and small. There is a little corner of Nova Scotia on the extreme top right of the map, literally translated as “New Scotland” in Russian.

Ht to Reddit u/0utlander

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Yelp Wordmap Shows “Tourists” Right Where You Think They’d Be


And that red blob on Beacon Street between Charles and Arlington is, you guessed it: Cheers.

Yelp, the ubiquitous service and venue review platform, yesterday unveiled Yelp Wordmap, a quirky tool that displays the density of popular (polarizing?) adjectives on city maps by their frequency of use within reviews. Boston is one of 14 cities to be included in Wordmap’s launch (sister site We Love DC can dig into their map too). Visitors and locals alike can draw some quick conclusions on neighborhood characteristics.

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Designing Beantown: MAPC Holds Open House Jan. 29

Policy wonks and smart growthers unite. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council is holding an open house to showcase their recent work on Greater Boston’s urban development on January 29. The MAPC, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, is a regional planning agency that researches and promotes issues of socioeconomic equality through smart growth and urban planning, housing, transportation and natural resources conservation. Register here and discuss what’s in Metro Boston’s policy pipeline with folks that have done their homework.

There will also be food and a raffle. Let’s go. I mean, come on.


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Mapping The Hub of the Transit Universe

Time-Scale Map of MBTA Commuter Rail, by Stonebrown Design

A little imagination captures the spirit of our transit-obsessed city. No matter how terrible a commute, or uneven the pavement underfoot waiting outside at Yawkey Station, the trainspotter awakens with new take on our century-old infrastructure. Stonebrown Design did just that, again.

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