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Song of the Day: “You Gotta Believe”

Let’s put aside that “You Gotta Believe,” the title track of Marky Mark’s second album and today’s song of the day, kicks off your week with a bang. Instead we can witness the music video in all it’s 1992 glory. From the go-go dancers in stretch pants to the proto-Fight Club cutscenes, it screams relevance at us from our perch 20 years later. I can take the sparks unleashed from nondescript urban decay, but what’s Mark doing with the David Robinson jersey? Represent the hometown, eh? Larry Bird was on the Dream Team too.

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We Love Music

Song of the Day: “The Last Song on Side B”

It’s Monday, and thanks to advocacy from fellow author Alex Dupnik, the Marky Mark marathon continues.

Accumulated Cassette Tapes (in progress)

Today’s song of the day is noteworthy a historical curiosity for two reasons: first, that “The Last Song on Side B” was, literally, the last song on the tape. You would have to flip over the cassette on your boom box to go back and hear “Music for the People” and “Good Vibrations”. Second, the Funky Bunch made music at a time when commercially barnstorming albums had so much filler that you could brazenly include a song with this title and not care, nor have it affect your album’s sales.

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