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What I Learned Riding 26.2 Miles at Midnight

The Starting Line

I rode the rails, then the route. Last night’s Midnight Marathon was a fantastic experience, and one that offered a few life lessons. Thanks to Steve Annear’s ride tip last week, I was able to grab one of the limited tickets on the Hogwarts Express MBTA commuter rail that ran straight to Southborough, a few miles from the marathon’s starting line in Hopkinton.

Riding with a buddy, the 26 miles and 385 yards took us two hours and 15 minutes, including several stops. No flat tires, no broken spokes, no missed trains (despite it being very crowded). I learned about the Boston Cyclists Union and discussed improvements to the Southwest Corridor (more to come on this in a future post).

But most importantly there were life lessons, shared here on an epic day known for testing one’s boundaries, strengths, and general life comportment.

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