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BOSTON CALLING Tickets on Sale Now

Remember that sweet concert announced last week?

The one at City Hall Plaza with every indie precious darling you’ve ever sang along to on Spotify?

Well, a lot of people are pumped and, unsurprisingly, early-sale tickets sold out for BOSTON CALLING, which features fun., Andrew Bird, The Shins. However: regular tickets are on sale now. Go get’em, kids.

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Boston Calling at the Top of the Dial: Music Festival May 25, Tickets on Sale Friday


“Menino will like it; Rock the plaza, Rock the plaza…”

Enough with The Clash references. The Bowery Boston, the entertainment production company that books such venues as The Sinclair and Royale, this morning announced a two-day music festival at City Hall Plaza, and it’s going to rock this city’s indie precious heart. Boston Calling Music Festival is a GO for May 25 and 26, 2013.

If you listen to WERS you should attend. Fun. and The National headline, while Andrew Bird will make us swoon, hopefully singing “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”. Fantastic artists like Young the Giant, The Shins, Of Monster and Men, Dirty Projectors and more cool kid darlings round out the bill.

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 1 at 10 a.m. There’s no service charge if you buy at the box offices of The Sinclair or Royale.

This is a great step for the city of Boston, joining New York, Chicago, and San Francisco with a weekend festival of its own. Hats off to creators Brian Appel and Mike Snow of Crash Line Productions for bringing live music to the streets of Boston this Spring!

JUST ANNOUNCED! May 25/26 @ Music Festival! Visit for more info! #BostonCalling
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Play Me, I’m Yours: Street Pianos to Boston

“Sweet Caroline,” anyone?

Street Pianos, the interactive public art project that places colorful, fully functional upright pianos in cities for public use, noted on their website this morning that Boston is a target city for a coming rollout.

Pianos are reportedly coming to Boston streets, parks and city squares in September 2013. A few other cities will see Play Me, I’m Yours pianos this year, including Monterey, Calif; Munich, Germany; and Cleveland, OH.

Don’t get it? Watch “Candy from Strangers” performed on London’s Street Pianos in 2009 by Boston ex-pat and former Jake Ivory’s dueling pianist Michael Ward-Bergeman.

Hat tip to reddit u/cydonia90.

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88.9 WERS: The Importance of the Alternative to Everything Else

When it comes to music, I’m easy.

I came to terms with that idea a long time ago. Give me a great guitar lead, I’m hooked; a nasty horn section, I’m toe-tapping; some three part harmonies, and I’m financially invested – 99 cents or $1.29 a pop – on iTunes. I live for finding new music and sharing it with my family and my friends one mix CD at a time. Call me old fashioned, but c’mon. What’s better than receiving 17 sweet tracks via USPS that you can undress with your ears in the privacy of your own home? Not much, in my opinion.

All that being said, I’ve become increasingly and regretfully aware of the slow and steady disappearance of unique radio stations on the airwaves. I’d have to be trying hard not to notice.

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