Why I Love Boston

Why I Love Boston: Jarret

Rock and roll is the savior of many souls. It’s received credit for this many times over, and we’ve all heard Don McLean’s thoughts on the matter. But it also helps explain why I love Boston.

Boston College, where I went to school, is a tough place from which to love Boston. The city is near and yet mysterious. The B-Line trolley’s angry horn, blasting at an ill-advised pedestrian or turning car, is audible across much of campus. Students often discuss volunteering at Rosie’s Place or Haley House, but are at a loss to describe what neighborhood they’re in. Freshmen glimpse the towers of the Back Bay as they descend from Upper Campus for morning classes. Yet the city often remains the stuff of glimpses and hearsay– it’s much easier to stay on campus, within a defined social core, than try to create one beyond the Green Line.

I turned to music: one rock and roll song initiated me to Boston culture and let me start a connection to the city that has lasted beyond college.

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