Sexual Health Debate at Boston College Begs Questions of Reform

It’s a bad week for Boston College to pick fights about sexual health.

But it creates a rallying cry for students, alumni and Catholics to push for reform, reality and relevance in University– and Church– policy.

Two cases before the Supreme Court determine the fate of marriage equality, and social media’s come alive with red and pink signs of support and photos of Anti-Prop 8 placards. Meanwhile, reported yesterday Boston College administrators ordered Boston College Students for Sexual Health (BCSSH), an unrecognized student group, to cease distributing contraception and sexual health literature on campus, given its conflict with the school’s “responsibility to protect the values and traditions of Boston College as a Jesuit, Catholic institution.”

As an alumnus of the university, I found this a troubling action. The BC administration was decades behind students, faculty and alumni in recognizing LGBT rights. We are seeing a similar pattern in their behavior toward sexual health.

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