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Why We Need Hopsters – And Need it Downtown

A series of circumstances brought me and fellow editor Jarret out to Newton Corner over the weekend, and rather than just turn around, we decided to finally poke our head into Hopsters. If that pungent hop smell isn’t for you, this probably isn’t your spot – but if you like beer and the idea of being that close to the brewing process, there’s something there.

The 10 taps or so across the bar weren’t uncommon, and the menu had similarities to many other gastropub/cheese board establishments. Perhaps it was the bright lights from outside, the semi-suburban setting or just the live kettle and bottling action being undertaken by fellow patrons, but there is something different about Hopsters…and it’s time we get that a little closer into town.

The closest I can get to hands on interactivity at a bar in Boston is an overpriced stir fry at Fire n’ Ice, and while there are definitely bars with more in-depth beer lists, those come with a little more frills and/or plaid. I love many of those places, just as much, but at a certain point, I can retire most of them since they generally look the same and I’ve already picked a favorite. In my opinion, there’s really nothing like Hopsters for the beer drinking crowd in Boston, and that’s as refreshing as the first Kölsch of the summer.

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