Brighton, Photo of the Week

Get on up, it’s blizzard time!

Scenes like this gem from one of the many blizzards in 2010 will be recreated all over our city this weekend, I’m sure.

Nemo’s coming. No, not the cute clownfish, the giant snow storm allegedly set to dump almost two feet of, in my opinion, delightful powder on Boston.

And we want you to share your Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon and snowed-in photos on the We Love Beantown Flickr page!

Here’s a Boston snow photo shot list to get you started:

-Top of the plow piles (Bonus if you pull either a) a Titanic Rose and Jack pose or b) a Lion King Circle of Life pose)
-Picnic in the snow
-Lawn chair, stool, Caution tape, small child being used as parking spot saver
-Smallest possible walkway shoveled on sidewalk
-Sitting with an abominable snowmanesque Red Auerbach
Puppies. Duh.

What are we missing?

After a near two-year snow drought, we’re ready for it! Bring it, Nemo.