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Bruins Season Ticket Holders Still Locked Out

75 days into the NHL Lockout and it’s starting to look grim.

“We the season ticket holders are like children in a bad marriage, except that mom and dad are fighting over money I gave them,” said Peter Winson, season ticket holder 1998-2001 and 2006-current.

The odds of there even being a season are dwindling as I type. The Winter Classic has been canceled. Now people in Ann Arbor can’t sit outside this Winter to watch hockey. This is leaving Bruins season ticket holders without money and without tickets.

“As the days have rolled into months it continues to be evident that neither side, but particularly the owners, have any true respect or concern for the fans of the game. As a result it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the level of passion I once held for the game. That said, once they sign a deal I will be right back like a junkie on smack,” said Keith Falce, season ticket holder 1999-current.

The owners and players seem to be at a stalemate.  Some ticket holders are more hopeful than others about there being any hope of a season at all. One thing they seem to agree on is that ticket holders want a resolution soon.

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For Bruins Fans, The NHL Lockout Is The Pits

This fall, the Red Sox have already broken my heart, the Pats lost and apparently I’m going to be too busy hating the Miami Heat to cheer on the Celtics. Don’t worry Doc, I didn’t need you to tell me to hate the Heat: I’ve been doing that for a few years now.

Now is the perfect time for me to focus all my sports love on the Bruins. A relative newbie to hockey, I really enjoy learning new things each time I watch a game. Except that in the run up to this season all I’m hearing about is collective bargaining agreements, hockey-related revenues (what?) and how the lockout effects the Canadian teams. Please, like we care about the Habs…

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