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Animated Longfellow Bridge Reconstruction Makes 3 Years of Delays Worth It

The video runs 7:34; imagine how quickly that’ll pass in real life.

Last week we reported the Mass. DOT approved a major rehabilitation of the century-old Longfellow Bridge. Monday, YouMoveMass, the DOT’s youtube channel, posted a nifty video showing the bridge project’s plan step-by-step. This, paired with the pending release of the new SimCity, should get urban planners’ hearts beating.

The animation shows the bridge’s distinctive masonry towers will be removed early in the project. The warning is hereby sent to ConDucktors everywhere to modify the Duck Tours script that normally points out the “Salt & Pepper” bridge upon entering the Charles River. Perhaps an in-depth description of budgetary approvals and bridge superstructures will suffice.

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Longfellow Bridge Repairs To Come This Summer; Traffic Starts Now

If you’re a Red Line commuter or frequent Cambridge’s Area IV/Kendall Square, you’re going to have some transport problems.

WCVB reports the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has approved a contract for three years worth of repairs to the 107-year old bridge. It’s needed, but the impact will be major.

Starting this summer, automobile traffic will be one-way into Boston. Red Line service will be disrupted 25 weekends. Cambridge-bound car traffic will be diverted to the Charles River Dam Bridge.


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Back Bay Transportation Nightmare

Universal Hub reports a cable fire on the Green Line near the Arlington station is causing major transit headaches this morning. Stations are shut down in the Back Bay, with commuters waiting over 25 minutes for shuttle buses at Kenmore Station. Many are opting to walk the remainder of their commute in this morning’s 10 degree, windy weather.

Surface transit is also affected, with traffic clogged on Boylston St. from Arlington St. running west to the Prudential Tower. It also appears Silver Line buses are coming into service off their normal route as shuttles, replacing the Green Line.

The Green Line is stuck half a stop away and it's 10 degrees out. #mbtaannoy
Anne Steele

If helicopters and fire engines weren’t enough, the Red Line commuters also suffered disabled trains at Porter and Andrew stations.