Bostonian Habits

Running: The Hobby I Joined Under Fierce Protest

Running and I have a strange relationship. It’s touch-and-go. I never dreamt of running (in fact I hated it) until my mother picked it up while I was studying abroad. This was an odd development. But I thought – if my mom can do it, I can do it too. This began a love-hate relationship as I jogged slow laps around St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

Upon my return to Boston my senior year, running fell by the wayside. Then, my college roommate moved back who was all into half-marathons (she’s a great runner) and peer pressured me into running the first-ever Cox Providence half in April of 2008. I found myself running up and down Beacon St. in seriously improper running clothes in preparation. It was quite a feat for me, and I was proud to have finished – as someone who just months earlier really thought it would be impossible. That accomplished, I felt I had tackled running and I put it aside.

Two big things changed my attitude towards running after that.

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