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Wentworth Strong

What happens when Architecture students and charity collide?

You get a wicked cool T-Shirt design for an awesome cause… although might say I am a slighty biased because two of my students were members of the team who designed this sweet logo…I’ll let you be the judge…


I could not be prouder of these Wentworth students, who told News @ WIT, they set a goal of selling 40 shirts to result in a $260 donation to the OneFund.

They blew that goal out of the park… not by 100 shirts, not by 200, but as of this post, 3489 shirts!!

The money raised, from their awesome shirts, thus far totals over $20,000 going directly into the hands of the people directly affected by the April 15th tragedy.

ONLY ONE MORE DAY to get your shirt here and help double their dontation!!!

The five students behind the project are Dan Sussman, BMET ’16, Zach Cariveau, BMET ’16, Patrick Christan, BSA ’16, Jon Silva, BSA ’16, and Austin Speer, BMET ’16.