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Brighton Gets Classy

Get ready for a pampering, Brighton.

Brighton Gourmet and Cellar

Last Fall, when I moved to Oak Square in Brighton, a nasty, basically condemned, bookshop closed its doors.  The place sat empty for a month or so until this sign appeared above the door.

My roommate and fellow Beantown writer Dan and I were smitten in culinary love.

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Social Boston Sports Says Wine Drinking is a Sport

This was my first experience with an event put on by Social Boston Sports (SBS), and I had a fantastic time! My two girlfriends and I decided to check out a Wine Tasting at Back Bay Social Club last Wednesday sponsored by SBS. I have been to other wine tastings in the past, resulting with me only liking maybe one or two of the wines, but at the SBS event, I loved all the fantastic wines they chose!

My friend Stacy remarked that, “I really enjoyed learning about each wine in a comfortable, social atmosphere with other people my age.”

I agree with her completely. The event was not pretentious or formal. This format was great for me because I love wine and wanted to learn about it, but don’t like “foodies” ruining tasting experiences for me.

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Photo of the Week

Happy Repeal Day!

Raise your glass!

Thanks to the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified 79 years ago on December 5, you can fill that empty glass pictured here with a variety of adult beverages.

Personally, we think it should be a federal holiday.

But if you’ve got one of those employers that doesn’t even give you Veterans Day or MLK Day off, chances are they’re not going to want to give you time off to celebrate the end of Prohibition as it truly should be – as festively as St. Patrick’s Day.

So as you’re sipping on that glass of wine tonight, having a cold beer or a spiked hot chocolate, pause and be thankful you don’t actually live in the Boardwalk Empire era and have to get your poison from Steve Buscemi. Instead there’s a multitude of packies (like Jackie’s) and pubs that you can visit without fear of your life or legal repercussions – well, for the most part anyway!

Our suggestion: Head over to the 21st Amendment on Beacon Hill tonight to celebrate!

And, of course, share your favorite Boston beverage hotspots with us on We Love Beantown’s Flickr. Cheers! Slainte! Prost!

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Underrated Restaurants: Gran Gusto

Boston has no shortage of popular eateries. From time to time, however, a very good restaurant seems to fall through the cracks and misses out on the recognition it deserves. In this semi-regular series, we will share our picks for those underrated dining spots that might strike your fancy.

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Chatting With the Folks Behind The Urban Grape and Its Coming South End Addition

There’s a difference between being a wine enthusiast, namely one who will never turn down a glass, and being a wine connoisseur.

I’m sure you’ve seen the former – we’re the ones at Trader Joe’s picking wines by the typography and images on the labels like we are drunken college students ordering late-night fast food. But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why I’m so excited for the award winning The Urban Grape to open a second location at 303 Columbus in the South End on September 20th.

Headed by husband-and-wife team TJ and Hadley Douglas, The Urban Grape has built a reputation for making wine buying accessible. I got a chance to talk with them about the store and their mission – “No Wine Snobs” – in advance of the new location’s opening next week.

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